Do You Always Get Sick Over The Holidays?

So many people complain to me about getting sick this time of year.  One of the simplest strategies they have forgotten about is taking enough vitamin C.   We are one of the few mammals that do not make our own vitamin C.  Dogs and cats make their own.  That is why they can eat food from the ground without getting sick (unless the food is toxic).

How much vitamin C to take?  Each person’s tolerance is entirely individual.  One person may take 500mg and another 5000mg per day.  What is the deciding factor?  You know you have too much vitamin C when you get loose stools or diarrhea.  So take just under that amount.

Vitamin C does not have to be expensive.  Of course, I recommend fresh fruit and vegetables as a base of support; then loading up on vitamin C, especially at the first sign of your “coming down with something.”

When you have a “virus,”  you need more vitamin C.  Many people find taking 1ooomg or even 2000mg per hour at these times to be very helpful.

Best wishes for healthy holidays.

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