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Pollution in Children #2

Internet television program pertaining to this: should be very good. Listen to January 21 at 11AM PST.

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Pollution In Our Children

Adults minimize the deleterious effects of the all the pollutants in our environment and how they drag down our health. Fortunately, when one puts this in the perspective of children, adults often listen more readily. Thus I refer you to … Continue reading

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Codex: Do You Know About This?

Codex Alimentarius is a world-wide effort to deprive all of us of our freedom to obtain and utilize nutrients and herbs and unadulterated food.  This is a very serious problem.  If you value your health and the health of friends … Continue reading

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New Lecture Series

For people to stay healthy in our challenging world is my passion.  Thus I am excited about beginning my upcoming series of lectures on this theme.   The first is “Women’s Health: It’s Not Just About Hormones.”  We’ll meet at my … Continue reading

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A New Approach To Medicine

Positive Medicine(TM) is what I am using to describe the innovative philosophical approach in medicine.  What distinguishes this from conventional medicine is the belief in the intelligence of the human body.  Given the right opportunities and supports, the human body is … Continue reading

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