A New Approach To Medicine

Positive Medicine(TM) is what I am using to describe the innovative philosophical approach in medicine.  What distinguishes this from conventional medicine is the belief in the intelligence of the human body.  Given the right opportunities and supports, the human body is capable of wondrous healing.  Many times I have heard stories of “spontaneous healing” of cancer or of multiple broken bones from trauma. 

Thus Positive Medicine(TM) supports the healing powers of the body.  This approach requires looking at the whole individual.  An example is the patient who complained of a terrible tooth pain and felt she was feverish.  I suggested that instead of taking antibiotics for her tooth, we do a quick check.  It turns out her body was complaining from the pork chops she had eaten to celebrate the New Year.  She has had trouble with pork in the past.  After taking supplements to reduce her reaction to the pork, she stopped feeling feverish and the throbbing in her mouth stopped.  She then felt she could wait until Monday to see her dentist who was not available today.

Symptoms can be a message, therefore, that the body is trying to give the person.

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