Stress, You Say?

What causes stress these days? We have a story from our office to elucidate one source.
We send supplements to patients who request them. Usually they arrive without complications.
HOWEVER, we sent a package February 28 priority mail so that it would arrive the next day. Yet, last week the patient called concerned because she had not yet received the package. She spoke to the post office who told her it had been delivered and was out of their hands. We checked the tracking record from our end. According to the tracker, the package had been delivered.
When this woman receives packages, there is always someone to receive it and sign for it.
Thus we had a mystery. We also needed to send her another package which my assistant did today. As my assistant was at the post office mailing the second package – with a signature required on delivery, the patient called to say her first package was delivered, TODAY.
We called the post office to ask for a refund, and the clerk informed us that priority mail was not guaranteed. In other words: “tough luck, baby!”
And the government bureaucracy does not understand why the public becomes frustrated with the doubletalk we hear from them.

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