Exciting news!

Very Special News:

I am very pleased to announce new services available to you through The Lippman Center for Optimal Health.

Joy Moeller, RDH, MFT, COM is an orofacial therapist.  What is that, you say.  She teaches you how to swallow properly.  This may sound like a simple issue but in actuality problems with swallowing and tongue placement can lead to headaches, heartburn, TMJ, and many cosmetic problems.  This technique can augment proper orthodontia (preferably functionally oriented) and has been known to save people from having surgery.  Ms. Moeller is in our offices on Wednesdays.  Check her out at www.myfunctional-therapy.com and reach her at 310-454-4044.

Kelly McAndrews, Lac is a licensed acupuncturist, yoga teacher, and nutritional consultant.  She is available to consult with my patients about diet issues.  For example, “Dr. Lippman has told me not to eat gluten foods” or “Dr. Lippman has told me not to eat dairy products” or “Dr. Lippman has told me not to eat gluten nor dairy nor nightshades.”  “What can I eat?”  Dr. McAndrews can guide you through this “gut-wrenching pcrocess” (LOL).  You can reach her at 310-383-6362 or via Kelly.mcandrews @gmail.com.  Check out her website at www.kellymcandrews.com.

She is available most days of the week by appointment.

Poorvi Shah, DO is an osteopath who also practices integrative medicine.  She is board certified in family practice.  For those of you unfamiliar with osteopathy, this is a very gentle body manipulative therapy which is very effective for many kinds of musculo-skeletal problems, pain issues, headaches, and other disorders.  If you have not experienced an osteopathic treatment, I highly recommend it.  Check out Dr. Shah at www.doctorpoorvi.com or call her at 310-302-7809.  She is in our offices on Mondays.

Each of these respected practitioners is not only an expert in her field but is also lovely to work with.  They are enriching greatly the services at the Lippman Center.  Please contact them with questions and take advantage of their services.

Also,  you’re invited to attend my monthly lecture series, Staying Healthy in a Challenging World!  Next session:  Tuesday, July 14 @ 6:00 P.M.

Topic:  “Our Environment; can it make us sick?”  Free to the public.

Call and let us know you are planning to attend.  310.289.8430

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