The Autism Battle

Recently in the news I have heard about the battle between people who represents different camps in the autism struggle.  One side says vaccines have nothing to do with autism.  Not giving your child vaccines is irresponsible and dangerous for society.  On the other side are people vehement about the dangers of vaccines, especially for those children vulnerable to getting autism.  Where is the truth?

This is one of the saddest examples of the state of our world.  Perish forbid we should cooperate with each other to resolve our problems.  Humans are brilliant creatures.  However our concerns about not getting our way or our share of the “pie” keep us from utilizing our potential.  I have no doubt that if people actually worked together, we could solve just about any problem we have. 

I hope people can step back long enough to look at the bigger picture, put their minds together, and come up with some answers so that we can prevent more children and families from going through the autism challenge.

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