I recently watched the movie “Under Our Skin” which is about people with Lyme Disease.  This disease can be devastating and long lasting.  Yet, as this movie points out, despite more than ample scientific evidence, the medical profession has chosen to deny these 2 facts to the detriment of patients.  This means people are not being treated adequately, quickly enough, or for long enough.  As a result too many have become moderately to totally disabled.  In addition, denying the evidence means these affected patients have not been able to get reimbursement from their insurance companies for the necessary care.

I mentioned the battle in the autism community in my last post.  What is the similarity between that battle and this ignorance and neglect with Lyme?  I find these situations similar to any religious persecution or political slandering.  The common element is a total disallowing of another’s viewpoint in order to gain victory.  What kind of victory?  This may be monetary or philosophical.  In any case, this insistance that your side is right and the other is terribly wrong requires the willful destruction of someone’s reputation.  This is not much different from killing someone with a bomb because they believe differently than you.

If we are unwilling to find a new paradigm under which we can relate to each other, we will certainly kill ourselves, I believe within the next 100 years. 

We have befouled our water supply and the air we breathe.  Each generation seems to be weaker and more disease-prone than the previous.

Have you noticed the expression we use: we “shoot down” someone else’s argument.

The way we relate to each other is depriving us of a unity of spirit and of respect for “the other.”  We are terrified of differences instead of acknowledging them.  We are comfortable with the willful destruction of another’s beliefs, health, or life for the sake of preserving our identity.

Where is that new way of thinking and relating to each other that we need so desperately?

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