Syndrome: Late Closing of the Barn Door

The main difference between much of conventional medicine and preventive medicine is this: conventional medicine rushes to close the barn door after the horse has already left.  What are examples of this?  For viruses, there are drugs, or just stay home, rest, and have lots of fluids (which are good recommendations).  To prevent dementia, take statins.  To treat reflux, take proton pump inhibitors like Nexium or Prilosec.

When patients come to me, they want to know WHY they developed the symptoms and disease they have and WHAT can they do to keep it from getting worse.  Better yet, how can they actually get rid of the problem(s).  We accomplish this a majority of the time in safe and empowering ways.

While we don’t know all of the answers to WHY, we often have good guesses.  The first guess is that the problem is not that there is something wrong  with the person.  Rather, we view the difficulty as being that body’s response to a series of insults and imbalances.  By the way, I credit my associate, Dr. Terry Anne Preston, with this concept.  We are such a “make wrong” society.  If the human body were wrong as much as modern medicine suggests, we would never have survived as long as we have.  The human body is a brilliant organization that is very adaptable. 

Back to the barn.  This flu scare is a wonderful example.  Someone gets the flu, give a medication.  Or, give a vaccine.  Yet, the vaccines have not really been proven. Everybody, other than the manufacturer, is concerned about what else is in the vaccine, and what does it mean to inject these chemicals and animal parts into our bodies?  Besides this, it looks as though the flu “epidemic” has peaked.

There are so many wonderful ways to support our bodies to reduce our risk of the flu.  I and many of my colleagues have written many entries on the web to support all of us with this kind of information.  (    We need to take responsibility for our health, take back our power, and take care of ourselves.  This means learning what our own body needs and responds well to.  This means not abdicating our health to a government panel. 

Best wishes, good health, joy, and appropriate restraint for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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