Sacrificial Children

According to the news, over 170 children have died thus far from H1N1 flu.  I am sorry for the families and the children who have suffered so.  I do not know how this compares to deaths from previous flu illnesses.  However, many people have commented to me that they are very afraid of the flu for their children.

I have to wonder, however, about the health status of anyone who dies from the flu which has so far shown to be a relatively benign illness.  This does not mean that people have not felt really crummy from it.  This also does not mean that the illness has not lasted several days or longer.

The question for me is why are some people more vulnerable to getting sick, or sicker from it, than others.  The tendency of the medical profession here is, to me, an example of the horse escaping the barn and then closing the barn door.  By this I mean we, as a society, are not really investigating what makes people healthy and what can we do to give everyone the opportunity to be healthy.  I do not believe the problem is a deficiency of some drug.

It has been my experience that many children today are not as healthy a generation as their parents, and certainly not as much as their grandparents.  One form of evidence of this is the huge number of children who are experiencing asthma and allergies and even chronic fatigue symptoms compared to 30 years ago. The epidemic of autism is the worst case example.

To look at what is behind this worsening health of the youngest generation is really to examine our life style.  Parents’ diets are lousy, they are feeding their children poor diets, they are using toxic chemicals, we have befouled our earth with chemicals, and on and on. 

Will society listen to the clues these children are telling us through their ill health and disabilities?    Must we continue to sacrifice them because we are so wedded to our own beliefs that we cannot cooperate with each other?  

I hope we will be open to new ways of thinking and relating to each other.  Saving the children will save all of us.

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