Haiti:1, All Of Us:0

The disaster in Haiti is just that, a terrible disaster for the people there.  I think the message of the larger picture is equally as telling.  I am referring to the ability, willingness, and speed of the rest of the countries and their citizens to respond with compassion, kindness, and caring help for the Haitians.  We are actually cooperating with each other to help them.  Why can’t we do this at other times?

What is there about a crisis like this, created by nature, not man-made, that cuts through our social prohibitions and competitive concerns to allow us  truly to help each other?

Do you remember the movie “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!”  With a purposeful touch of humor, it stated the same idea.

During his speech at the University of Kansas in 1960, the Reverend Martin Luther King stated 6 times that we need to be maladjusted to society.  This is the only way we can truly confront the status quo that tries to lock us into inappropriate and demeaning social practices.  Then it was racial discrimination and gender discrimination.  Well, folks, we have made only a miniscule progress in the interim.  Women and blacks still are denied promotional opportunities and income opportunities for the same reasons as 50 years ago.  The Los Angeles Times and other papers have reported on the over 10,000 women who are enslaved in human trafficking in this country alone.  There are 10’s of thousands more world-wide.  How many wars are going on because people are not accepting of other religions?

Be maladjusted to society.  Do not accept the status quo.  Thank you Dr. King for your courage and insight.  My wish on this commemoration of your birthday is that we become more aware of ourselves and how much we really are like each other.  No matter our sex, our color, our religion, our nationality, our physical status may we see in each of us valuable human beings who deserve the respect and caring of each other.  Then we can cooperate to solve the problems that face us all.

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