“A Chemical Reaction”

 Imagine someone taking you to court to force you to use a toothpaste you did not like. A similar thing happened in Canada a few years ago when a small town decided not to use weed killers anymore. Sound innocuous? Here is what happened. The local dermatologist, Dr. June Irwin, made a connection in the mid 1980’s with the number of her patients who developed nasty rashes and worse disorders (including requiring hospitalization in some cases) when they were exposed to weed killer. As someone willing to see the bigger picture and not back down, she educated her town persistently. The town members came to agree with her and passed a ruling not to use weed killer on their lawns. What was the response of the weed killer company? The company, ChemLawn, took them to court to force them to use the weed killer. How sick is that? The Canadian Supreme Court agreed with the town. Thank goodness someone had some sense here and put ethics and health concerns before money.

There are very good books out to guide you on the use of organic and alternative lawn care. You do not need to poison yourself and your children and your pets in order to have a beautiful lawn. The site safelawn.org helped sponsor the film. The name of this film is “A Chemical Reaction” should you wish to watch it.

Think of it the next time you choose which tube of toothpaste you want to buy. Is someone else going to tell you how to live your life? We are able to make powerful choices for ourselves. Let’s take advantage of that. Your health will depend on it.

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