Tunnel Vision About Health

An article in the April 26, 2010 Los Angeles Times  entitled “EPA and saccharin” speaks of the EPA’s plan to remove saccarin from the list of hazardous substances because it is no longer considered a risk to human health.    Why is it not considered a risk to human health?  Because it is not a potential human carcinogen.

This means that if something causes cancer, it is not healthy for us.  If it does not cause cancer, it is healthy for us.  This kind of either/or thinking is appropriate to a 2 year old.  As children, we are limited in our ways of understanding the world.  The world is either one way or the opposite.  We do not have the perspective nor wisdom to see complexities in life.

It seems as though modern medicine takes the same short-sighted approach.  If an item does not cause cancer – then it is ok to eat or drink or rub on our skin or take a shower with or breathe in.  What fallacy!  We know that a small amount of some individual chemicals may not be too harmful, but when combined with other chemicals can be devastating.  We know that heavy metals and many pesticides and other chemicals, even in minute amounts, can affect a person’s ability to detoxify. The result of this is disease.  Cancer is not the only dis-ease we suffer as a result of what we are exposed to.  Headaches, digestive complaints, joint inflammation, severe skin rashes, neurological problems like Parkinson’s and possibly multiple sclerosis are just a few of the disorders associated with toxic exposures.

Let us, therefore, open our eyes and our minds to broader definitions and possibilities.  Broader definitions will allow us truly to investigate what hurts us and what we need to help us.  Broader possiblilities will increase the potential for all of us on earth to live full and creative and healthy lives.

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