Again Congress Attempts to Remove Freedoms

Each year 10’s of thousands of people die, yes die, from properly prescribed prescription drugs.  No one dies from nutritional supplements.  Supplements are regulated by the FDA, there is legislation in place for that.  Yet, the pharmaceutical companies and their lackies (can you tell how angry I am about this?) in Congress keep trying to impose onerous regulations on nutritional companies in order to reduce or eliminate their competition.

What does this mean in terms of your pocketbook?  If you use fish oil (a wonderful source of essential fatty acids that has been found to reduce risk of heart disease, some neurological disorders, cancer – just to name a few benefits) you pay about $30.00 per month for a very good brand.  If it is only available by prescription, it will cost (as one does now) $190.00.  You read that correctly.  And don’t think your insurance company is going to reimburse much of that if at all.

Representative Henry Waxman “snuck into the already passed Wall Street Reform Bill” language that would give FTC bureaucrats “arbitrary authority to impose crippling requirements that will drive up the costs of supplements or remove them from the market entirely.” (Life Extension)  This same language is before the Senate now.

Please, email your Senators to keep this language out of the Senate version of the Wall Street Reform Bill.  It should also be kept out of any later version voted on by either house. 

Your health and mine depends on our letting Congress know we demand the right to have full access to what we believe will benefit us.

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