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Milk: Why Are We Drinking It?

Fifty years ago, I remember my father, a pediatrician, telling a patient of his he needed to stop drinking his 2 quarts of milk per day if he wanted to get rid of his acne.  This was before farmers added … Continue reading

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Volcano’s Eruption Affects Our Health

The volcano in Iceland has done more than just disrupt airline traffic in Europe and make the sky cloudy. In those clouds are potentially toxic elements and chemicals that will be affecting us for the next several years as nano-particles rain down on us in their return to earth. Continue reading

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Women Who Rock Alternative Medicine

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Vaccines Are Not A Battle Ground But Ground for Study Dr. Jay Gordon has been a very respected pediatrician for 30 years.  He was interviewed about the vaccine issue.    He was moderate in his stance, ie saying that empirically he has seen problems with vaccines so let us … Continue reading

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