Vaccines Are Not A Battle Ground But Ground for Study

Dr. Jay Gordon has been a very respected pediatrician for 30 years.  He was interviewed about the vaccine issue.    He was moderate in his stance, ie saying that empirically he has seen problems with vaccines so let us move more slowly and individualize their administration.  In other words, let us step back from our need to be RIGHT about what we are thinking, get together and really work out this problem.

Are adults too childish to maturely address the terrible issues of autism, childhood asthma, childhood diabetes, rampant “ADD,” and eczema – just to name some of the illnesses plaguing our children today and thus their families?

Please read Dr. Gordon’s response.  It is time for us to look at each other as important players in this game of life instead of as adversaries if  someone has a different opinion.

We choose how we relate to our children, our friends, our families, and even our politicians.  Let us choose to support knowledge instead of opinion.  There is no one right way that works for every person.

The first issue is to be honest and aware with ourselves about our fears of not having all of the answers. That is the advantage of working together to solve our problems.  Humans are wonderfully creative.  Our imaginations are unlimited.  Working together eventually we can come up with the solutions.

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