Volcano’s Eruption Affects Our Health

The volcano in Iceland has done more than just disrupt airline traffic in Europe and make the sky cloudy.  In those clouds are potentially toxic elements and chemicals that will be affecting us for the next several years as nano-particles rain down on us in their return to earth.

One of the toxins being spewed out is radioactive iodine.  Here is the problem with this:  If your thyroid is not full of the iodine that it needs to produce thyroid hormone, it will take in this radioactive form.  The radioactive form is associated with a significantly increased risk of thyroid cancer many years later.  Thus, it is recommended that we all take extra potassium iodide to load up our thyroid to keep out the radioactive version.  Many people are already iodine deficient.  Now is the time to supplement your iodine.  Minimal dose is usually about 6mg per day.  Large doses may be taken temporarily.   If one takes too much it can interfere with thyroid hormone production.  Like everything else in the body, there is a balance here that must be respected.  Consider consulting your alternative practitioner through this process.

Another problem is the chemicals that are being emitted include acids that are hard on our bodies.  I suggest taking at least extra antioxidants to support you.  Also, this is definitely the time to clean up your diet.  Reduce your processed sugar intake greatly.  Eat more greens, and more vegetables in general.

Last, but never least, get the sleep you need.  For most of us, this means at least 8 hours per night.

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