Asthma and Perfume Do Not Mix

The EPA recently held a big conference about asthma in Washington, DC and requested that participants not wear perfume or scents.  Halleluyah!  The agency has set a notable example that recognizes that perfumes, scents, and “good-smelling” products (quotation marks, mine) do not mix with good respiratory and lung health.  I do not know when we decided that we needed to smell “good.”  My fantasy is this is a carry over from the days when royalty daubed on perfume to cover their body odor because they bathed so infrequently.  Most of us bathe now at least a few times per week.  If we use appropriate personal hygiene and also wash our clothes  before they can stand up by themselves, and if we eat healthfully, we should not have bad body odor.  This means we do not need perfumes to make ourselves presentable.

Thank you EPA.  I look forward to the request to exclude perfumes and like substances from all conferences in the future.  This will help not only asthmatics.  Such a policy will benefit those people with chemical sensitivities in general, and even all of us. Artificial chemicals are increasingly being shown to be toxic for us.

Here is to comfortable noses and respiratory tracts!

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