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Insurance Runaround

This is a true story about why so many people are furious with health insurance companies. I give my patients a superbill at the time of their visit in order for them to obtain reimbursement from their insurance company.  One … Continue reading

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An Educated Person is a Healthier Person

This phrase, “An educated person is a healthier person”, is one of my mottos.  The more we learn about wonderful opportunities, remedies, and approaches for our health, the more we can choose what could work well for us individually.  In … Continue reading

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Chemicals: Guilty Until Proven Innocent This is a short but telling video about toxic chemicals in our environment and that we need to look with discerning eyes on reports about their efficacy, safety, or harm. The healthy way to look at chemicals is through … Continue reading

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Important New CPR Technique Everyone Should Know’s-continuous-chest-compression-cpr This video speaks for itself.  Thanks for watching and for saving a life.

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Medicine’s Negativity

Medicine is not oriented towards health and wellness.  It is oriented towards relieving symptoms.  There is a huge gap here.  Too many people who consult me for the first time complain that they were told by their doctor that “they … Continue reading

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