Medicine’s Negativity

Medicine is not oriented towards health and wellness.  It is oriented towards relieving symptoms.  There is a huge gap here.  Too many people who consult me for the first time complain that they were told by their doctor that “they will just have to live with it,” or “take this medication, and, of course, you will need it for the rest of your life.”

Traditional medical philosophies, like acupuncture, aryuveda, and homeopathy, recognize the human body as a very intelligent organism.  They believe if you just give a body the right support, it can go a long way towards healing itself.  They also recognize that each of us individuals is distinct from the other.   Any treatments must reflect this.  The evidence supports this.

Here are some examples from my practice alone.  I have case histories of patients who could not reduce their cholesterol or their weight despite being very compliant.  Several of them were unable to take statin drugs because of side effects.  When they cut gluten grains out of their diet, their weight dropped as did their cholesterol.

I have a friend who suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for many years, was told he was depressed, and was told to take medication that made him groggy and gave him malaise and fatigue.  Two sessions with an acupuncturist cleared the symptoms totally.  Even though this is a dramatic example, it does not diminish it as an example of how much recovery is possible and how quickly.

One patient complained of malaise and fatigue and sloppy thinking.  Doctors she saw dismissed her claims because all of her blood tests were normal.  My evaluation suggested she was being poisoned by carbon monoxide.  Her plumber tested her house and found several leaks from her pipes.  When these were repaired, within two weaks she felt much better.

Many patients have brought in their parents for consultation because they saw their parents slipping away from them in terms of energy and mentation.  Yet by addressing their diets and giving them appropriate nutrients, their parents perked up and felt better than they had in years.

The first rule I have learned from my patients is to believe what they tell me.  People do not like to feel ill.  The answer is not a band-aid.  The answer is to figure out why they don’t feel well and support their own body’s ability to improve and heal.   Time and again, if this is practiced, the doctor and the patient will experience gratifyingly satisfactory results.

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