An Educated Person is a Healthier Person

This phrase, “An educated person is a healthier person”, is one of my mottos.  The more we learn about wonderful opportunities, remedies, and approaches for our health, the more we can choose what could work well for us individually.  In the same way, the more we understand about what our own body needs, the more we can make wise decisions from amongst these alternatives.

Pertaining to this, though, have you ever wondered how the government makes its decisions pertaining to our health and well-being?  Might there be “politics” behind some of these decisions that affect our ability to choose modalities we believe to be important for our health?  To learn about this area I highly recommend the relatively new website, for the Alliance for Natural Health.  This is an organization composed of several groups with the same focus, ie educate the public about governmental approaches to and potential impositions on our health freedom.  Another part of this site is a blog by the editor of the postings, Deborah Ray:  Valuable information is available as well as suggestions as to how you can educate your representatives in meaningful ways in order to keep our health freedoms.  Please check out the sites, and even consider contributing.  Our health and well being depend on our keeping ourselves educated not only about potential therapies and new discoveries, but also about programs that could keep us from having access to those very therapies.

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