Beauty At What Price?

A person is nobody in our society if he/she is not beautiful.  But the price we pay for that beauty is exposing our bodies to toxic chemicals.  An increasing number of scientific reports are associating cancer with the chemicals in the environment that are toxic for us.  It is estimated that more than 50,000 to 80,000 chemicals have been produced since World War II, and the vast majority of them have never been tested on people for possible harm.  Similarly, the chemicals in our cosmetics are commonly toxic also.  Be aware that if a person puts a chemical on the skin or in the hair, it is absorbed into the body.  Multiply that by the myriad chemicals in our cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, etc. and we are overwhelming our bodies with all of these substances.  At least now there is a user-friendly short film that explains this.  Check out “The Story of Cosmetics” at with Anne Leonard.  The film is from the Story of Stuff group, watchable by all ages.  My wish is that millions of people watch this and demand safe products.  That will be an important start for our health and well-being.

PS The Precautionary Principle states that before a new chemical is to be used, it must be proven safe first.  This is in contrast to our usual practice of creating something and using it until we learn, unfortunately at the expense of many people’s health, that the chemical was unsafe for us after all.

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