A New Paradigm: A Breath of Fresh Thought

Much to the dismay of many, we humans don’t seem to learn much from past experience.  We experience repeated inhumanities to each other over and over again, and attempt to change this.

For example, in last week’s Newsweek there are stories about war, about prejudice, about members of a family betraying other members, about hero worship, about governments that oppress freedom, and about people and governments lying to others.  There is nothing new there!

Another example is Peggy Noonan’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal on August 13, 2010 about how rude we have become towards each other now that our businesses are more service oriented than manufacturing oriented.

It seems as though we either ignore the other or are afraid of the other (especially if “different” from us) or intrude on the other.

Why haven’t we changed after all of these thousands of years?

There is an answer in a new paradigm which is being presented gradually on a new website by Terry Anne Preston, PhD.  Check out mindwalkerway.com.  Dr. Preston explains human behavior based on learning theory.  She is way ahead of anybody else I have ever read.  She does not blame.  She explains.  Her descriptions are beautifully simple, like so many basic truths.  This is a paradigm of hope.  That is, there is hope for us if we are willing to become more aware.

mindwalkerway.com is a work in progress.  Get in on the beginning.

A note of self-disclosure:  Dr. Preston has been my mentor and associate for over 30 years.  I am very fortunate to have had the benefit of her teachings all of this time.  I am also grateful that she is finally making them available to the public.

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