Is Our Default Bad or Good?

When looking at the headlines in the average newspaper, one might easily believe that people are basically bad with rare instances of good.  I don’t think that is true.

I do believe people basically are good and at the bottom of it all are not afraid of each other.  This is demonstrated at times of crisis.  Whether the tsunami, or earthquakes, or the Chilean miner situation, we rush in (in varying degrees) to help victims.  At the least, most of us hope for the welfare and recovery and safety of victims.  Many of us send money to charities to support victims in order to be a part of the rescue effort.  This proves to me that people are Not hardwired to be bad or to fear the “other.”

If that is the case, then what has happened to make us so fearful of anyone who is different.  It seems as though our societal structures may be contributing to this.  We work very hard to be productive in order to be successful.  We believe that if we don’t get enough for ourselves (as in there are only so many “pieces of the pie”) we won’t get what we need.  This contributes to our becoming afraid of others lest we don’t get our share.  If we were to look at this from another perspective, we could see that all we have to do is make a bigger pie so there is enough for everyone.

Humans are magnificently creative and imaginative.  If we were open to working together, using our power and imaginations to address our common problems, I have no doubt we could solve them.  Unfortunately, as a species, we are still in the kitchen cooking our small, individual pies.

These ideas are not new and I do not claim to have originated them.  Look at Think and Grow Rich  written decades ago.  Of late, I thank my mentor, Dr. Terry Anne Preston and also my experience in the Entrepreneurial Edge and Mastery Program, run by Patricia McDade for raising the perspective of abundance instead of deficiency for me.  Our world truly is an abundant one.  It would help our relationships with each other if we saw it that way.

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