The UConn Win: Controversy or Symptom

The controversy about the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team is dismaying but not surprising.  For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, the team last night won their 89th straight game.  This is an amazing and remarkable statistic.  The problem is that they are being compared to the UCLA men’s basketball team that won 88 games in a row under John Wooden.  Comments are flying back and forth about if the comparison applies or not.

What does this controversy say about our society?  It says that male vs. female issues and competition are topics of deep concern.  We have not matured from this.  Why?  Because our society is full of hierarchies that force us to compete and to win at all costs.  Part of this has been the subjugation of women common to all cultures.

The result of being forced into competition and the need to “win” in order to “make it” in our world is that we lose sight of what we are fully capable of.  Humans are phenomenally creative creatures.  Gender has nothing to do with this.  If we don’t make lots of money from our creations or activity, however, we are considered to be failures.

My hope is that people will begin to explore these issues for themselves, that they will become aware of their own power and how we suppress it, and that the human race will mature and be comfortable with our unlimited potential.

Best wishes for exploring the possibilities and potentials in 2011.

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