FDA is Anti Health

The FDA has ruled that small pharmacies now are not allowed to make or distribute injectable vitamin C.  The only possible reason for this is that this substance is not patentable and so no drug company can make money on it.

Read http://www.anh-usa.org/action-alert-now-the-fda-is-going-after-vitamin-c/

IV vitamin C has been essential for many people’s health recovery.  I certainly want to know that it is available.  The advantage of small pharmacies is that they could prepare it without all of the many preservatives I would need to avoid.

Please write the FDA and also your representatives and senators that this makes no sense.  This is another attack on the small compounding pharmacies which are helping so many people.  The good ones operate under strict guidelines so that their products are safe.  Certainly, injectable vitamin C has a much better track record than many of the prescription drugs.  Write today.  As my friend said years ago, “Freedom is not free.”  We must all take action to protect it.

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