Sugar and Money are More Important Than Our Health

The Alliance for Natural Health is a an organization that keeps tabs on what is happening in “Washington” that can affect our health.   Thank Goodness!  The latest story is about how the US Department of Agriculture is allowing the planting of genetically engineered sugar beets, “on a limited basis,” because without them we won’t have enough sugar in our country.  describes this situation.  Note that the USDA is doing this despite the ruling of a federal judge.  The other article: describes the detrimental effects from all of the sugar we eat in our country.   Apparently, 70% of the foods processed in this country contain sugar.  No wonder we would “starve” if we did not have more sugar.  Yet look at the epidemics of diabetes and cancer we are experiencing.  These are because of the sugar and crummy foods we are eating, folks.  There is something terribly wrong with this picture! The other problem is that there  is already evidence that genetically modified foods are filtering into the rest of the plantings.  And genetically modified foods are not as healthy for us!

I read frequently in the press that we are supposed to be eating more fresh fruit and vegetables.  I agree wholeheartedly with this.  One of my favorite lines when I speak in public to groups is “I have never had any patient consult me who was eating too many vegetables.”  I do not include processed cane sugar in the vegetable category.  We are castigated on one hand for not eating enough fresh food.  On the other hand the food industry seems not to care about our health.  They are more interested in their bottom line profits.

Actually, the food industry is just carrying out the philosophy of our whole society which operates on competition.  He who has the most wins.  What happens to the opponent doesn’t matter.  In this case the “opponent” is all of us, and what does not matter is how well or how sick we are or how early we die.  We can choose not to be competitive.  However, it is so ingrained in our training that we generally are not aware of how pervasive this mentality is.  I do not believe that humans are hard-wired to be competitive.  There are too many stories of good deeds by strangers and friends that disprove that theory. 

So what can we do?  Write your congresspeople about the sugar situation.  The Alliance for Natural Health makes that very easy to do.  And start being aware of how often we are concerned about not getting our “fair share,” or that someone else is going to get more than we will.  Step back and decide if that is really the case.  Most of the time we will find that our share is quite adequate and forthcoming.

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