Radiation: What To Do?

What are the main concerns for our health from the leakage of radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactor?  The two main forms of radiation apparently leaked are radioactive cesium and radioactive iodine.  The radioactive iodine would be taken up by our thyroid gland and could cause tumors or cancer some time in the future.  The radioactive cesium displaces potassium in our body and could have longer term effects.

Thus this is generally what is being recommended.  Take potassium iodide at 12.5 to 37.5mg for two days to load the thyroid with iodine so that it does not take up the radioactive form.  If this is not available, take kelp tablets or, if unavailable, other forms of seaweed. Caution: if you are allergic to iodine, these recommendations do not apply to you. For the radioactive cesium, eat fresh vegetables and fruit.  If you are already eating vegetables and fruit, eat more of them.  They will provide your body with healthy potassium.   As time progresses and we discern better what we are being exposed to, I will make further recommendations.

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