Radiation Perspective

Yes, the radiation is an issue for our health.  Please see my previous 2 postings.  Yet, I also want to put it into perspective.

Yesterday, as I was going out to walk down the block, these are what I was exposed to: in the restroom, the cleaning agent used 1/2 hour before caused my eyes to burn and smelled so strong I did not want to breathe, as I stepped outside 3 people were smoking near the door – I had to walk through that odor and cloud to get past them, as I walked down the street the exhaust from the trucks and cars driving by seemed particularly strong, and the chemtrails lines were visible in the sky.  Add the following to these kinds of exposures many of us experience on a daily basis: the chemicals in the foods we eat and the cosmetic and cleaning agents we use, and also our emotional burdens from our dismay and concerns for the people of Japan as well as our fears and anxieties about what will happen in the Middle East and the fates of the people there in addition to what will be happening in the future to the part of the earth we live in…  This list is not all inclusive.  It reflects the tremendous burdens our bodies are experiencing daily.  What is a person to do?

In addition to being proactive for acute situations, over the long term it is essential that we provide our bodies with the supports they need for good health.  This includes the proper diet – with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit (ideally organic), appropriate nutritional supplementation, some form of relaxation as well as regular exercise, plenty of sleep (at least 7 to 8 hours) on a nightly basis, and being part of a supportive community.

We have no control over what will happen in our lives.  We can choose, however, to make beneficial choices for our well-being overall which will give us a good foundation for crises when they arise.


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