GMO Foods: Bah Humbug

Why all the hubbub about GMO (Genetically Modified) foods?  Because they are associated with deleterious health effects including decreased fertility, increased immune problems, faster aging, to name just a few.  Monsanto is the company that misguidedly is working to take over agriculture and to monopolize the pesticide and fertilizer market.  That is, this company wants everyone to grow their seeds.  That would be quite a monopoly.  Forget heritage type grains and vegetables and fruit.  Forget truly healthy produce.  That does not matter.
I am not the only person horrified by the business practices of Monsanto and terrified of the ill effects of eating GMO food.  The whole European continent has voted against GMO foods.
I support truth in labeling about our food.  If you care for your health, take action to support this movement.  You can begin with the link below.  Find out more about GMO foods and ask your health food store not to stock them.

The Millions Against Monsanto campaign is taking action across the country, this Saturday, March 26 2011. Organize an action in your local area today! Contact the OCA ( for more information or visit

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