Rickets, Again?

When I was a medical student almost 40 years ago, a young child came in with a case of Rickets.  (The bones are “soft” with Rickets and can break very easily.  This is different from osteoporosis.)  This came about because the mother was unaware that the vegetarian diet she was feeding her child was not satisfying the child’s need for vitamin D.  This was a really unusual finding back then.

Fast forward to the present:  Cases of Rickets are appearing in England and in the United States.    Many children are vitamin D deficient.  Why is this?  Is it because of all the suncreeen we use?  Is it because we do not spend enough time in the sun because we are on the computer or busy working (even school work)?  Is it because of all the toxins in the air and in us that are keeping us from utilizing the vitamin D we absorb via sunlight?  Is it because so many of us are relatively deficient in other nutrients needed for healthy functioning because of the lousy food we are eating?

The bottom line is that everyone, especially pregnant women, need to check their blood levels for 25 hydroxy vitamin D3.  The ideal level is 60 to 80 ngm/ml.  A score of 35 or 40, for example, though within the “reference range,” is too low.

Take care of yourself and your family.  Insist on monitoring your vitamin D levels, and taking vitamin D if necessary.  For vegetarians, or those people allergic to lanolin (the source of vitamin D) there are now vegetarian preparations available.  One can have too high a level also, so it is also essential to follow-up with repeat blood studies.

To your good health and good vitamin D levels…

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