Is the old-fashioned phone just old-fashioned?

Apparently, the FCC is considering phasing out the “old-fashioned” land-line phones.  Why? because they are old-fashioned.  Who needs them anymore, anyway?  Let us ignore the increasing number of studies suggesting dangerous health effects from the use of cell phones and cordless phones.  These results include increased incidence of brain tumors and other cancers, both from the phones themselves and from living in close proximity to the towers.  In addition, there is a small but significant percentage of the population that cannot tolerate using cell phones.  What would they do without the land line?  I encourage you to let the FCC know that many of us are not only not enamored of cell phones but concerned about our health because of them.  You can follow these instructions to write a comment:  If you wish to send comments, the easiest way is to send them electronically by going to Click on “submit a comment.” Then enter “FCC-2011-0078-0001” into the “Enter Keyword or ID” field and click on “Search.” When the next screen appears, click on “Submit a Comment” next to the result. The result will be titled “Developing a Unified Intercarrier Compensation.”

Thank you for your commitment to good health, for everyone.

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