BPA: They should know by now…

http://www.pacherbs.com/archives/5568  This is an excellent article at the PacHerbs blog site about Bisphenol A.  Scientific studies have shown repeatedly that BPA (as it is called) is a xenoestrogen.  This means it acts like estrogen in nature.  There is increasing concern about the number of hermaphrodite reptiles being born, and one possible source of this gender confusion is BPA and chemicals like it.  Where is BPA found?  It is used widely in the food industry to line cans and even baby bottles.  Then it ends up in our water supply and in our rivers.  That means that the most innocent of us are being subjected to toxic chemicals.

Why is it so hard for us to admit that what we had planned is not only not working, but it might be dangerous for us?  Here is a classic example.  Our focus on money and power have jaded us so much that we deny what can kill us and our children and our grandchildren.

Please let companies know that you do not approve of their playing games with our health.  Ask them to remove BPA, as mentioned in PacHerb’s blog.  Also, check out the Alliance for Natural Health and let them know you support their work in Congress to protect us from governmental disrespect and lack of concern for our well-being.  http://www.anh-usa.org/

Thank you for your commitment to good health.

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