Breastfeeding and La Leche League

I had the pleasure and honor this weekend of speaking to the conference of La Leche League of Southern California/Nevada in Newport Beach, California.  The title of my class was “Why Are More Children Allergic Today and What Can We Do About It.” My topic and my presentation were very well received and appreciated.

What a fantastic group of women.  They are committed to raising children to be as healthy as possible.  They are very savvy about our environment and the challenges facing the modern family.

I attended a lecture by my friend, colleague and teacher Chele Marmet, BS, MA who is one of the founders of lactation consultation in the Los Angeles area.  She gave excellent scientific evidence for the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and the child.  These include – are you ready for this – reduced risk of breast cancer, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk for diabetes type II, and reduced risk for obesity in the mother.  Babies who are breast fed have higher IQ’s.  Breastmilk is full of natural infection-fighting agents.  This is real preventive medicine.  What is more natural and available to everybody on earth.  I would encourage all family practitioners, pediatricians and obstetricians to inform their patients about these long term benefits and the further benefits of extended breastfeeding (for at least for one year).

What an honor to be part of this innovative organization.

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