The New Social Order: Potential

Many people are dismayed at the unrest and chaos in our world.  I hear them say “If only we had a strong leader now” or they believe only revolution will change us for the better.  Certainly we have hoped for big changes in the Middle East with the Arab Spring, however there is increasing concern that all that will be new will be the same old ways only with different characters.  I read in the newspaper here about scandals, crimes, and repeated  attempts “to beat the competition.”  Nothing we do really makes much difference in the social order.  In a recent interview, Gloria Steinem commented that with all the improvements for women, we are still underpaid in comparison to men.

Well, nothing will change unless we recognize the underlying factors.  My analogy reflects my work as a wholistic physician.  Namely, our approach to society is like trying to treat recurrent infections in someone without finding out why that person is so vulnerable in the first place.  The antibiotics do not improve the underlying condition.

We can now look at the underlying condition of our society, and why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  I am referring to the interviews I had with Dr. Terry Preston, and her new paradigm for understanding human development and behavior.  The videos are not long and the ideas are new and exciting.

I invite you to open your mind to the new potential!  Check out, the first video is called ” Crack the Code.” the second is “The Intent to Keep Us 2 Years Old Emotionally, and the third is “Our Modern Social Order Is Hazardous to Your Life.”

Spread the word,  for all of our sakes.

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