No To GMO Foods: Which Ones?

The hubris we humans have to think that we can “overcome” nature.  The GMO issue is a prime example of this.  Apparently, Monsanto’s success in making so much of our American cropland “Roundup Ready,”  ie able to withstand the application of the weed killer Roundup, has resulted in the development of superweeds.  I am waiting to see the t-shirt with a big weed on it with the big “S” for superweed showing on the huge stem of the weed.

The superweed problem is on top of the numerous health problems that are cropping up (sorry, I could not resist that one) from GMO foods.

This link,, takes you to a brochure about how to avoid buying and eating GMO foods.  Please let others know that we do not have to be a victim of this greedy atrocity being perpetrated on us.  In addition, let your Congresspeople and President Obama know that the government has not behaved responsibly by allowing the growth of GMO crops.  If the whole country of Hungary can resist the growth of GMO, so can we.

If you want more information about the ill effects of Roundup, look at

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