General vs Individual: Autism and Otherwise

A family brought me their son who is 6 years old and diagnosed with severe autism.  This child has not always shown these features.  In photos they showed me, he was a smiling, inquisitive infant and toddler.  Then, after a series of reactions to his vaccinations, his eyes glazed over, his face became expressionless, and the beautiful spirit that was visible prior vanished, hidden by this terrible cloud we call Autism.

This story is all too common.  Is it the vaccinations or isn’t it?  Here is the problem with that question.  We are not looking at the individual.  In fact, in our society these days, we are trained to believe that individuality does not matter.  What is important is the statistics about the general population.  An individual’s response is not important when one relies on statistics.  This is how medicine is practiced today.  It means that someone gets treatment for their general symptoms, not for their own individual body.

Many of us in the alternative medical community do otherwise.  We recognize that each individual is different from every other individual.  There is no “one size fits all.”  Whether it is homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, the good practitioner recommends method for each individual person according to that person’s characteristics.  This message is hard to get across because of the general approach used by most of society.

For this boy and his family, for example, the family was repeatedly told that the vaccinations had nothing to do with his reactions, because according to the literature vaccinations don’t cause these problems.   “Balderdash” I say.  (I am being polite.)  Finally, when the child had to be hospitalized because his reaction was so severe to one vaccination, the pediatrician agreed that he should not be vaccinated any more for now.  Obviously, there is something about this boy’s physiology that makes him so vulnerable to the vaccines!  For this child and so many like him, I suspect the problem is a combination of genetics, nutritional needs, toxin exposures, the vaccinations, and who-knows -what-else.

As we learn about genetic differences between people, I hope the message from this knowledge will come with that information that 1)we don’t know everything there is to know yet, 2)each of us is different and unique, 3) what helps one person may be poisonous for another, and 4)the best treatment can only come when we respect the unique characteristics and needs of each individual.

I am grateful to my teacher, Dr. Terry Preston, for helping me with this information.  If you have not seen her videos, I highly recommend checking out the following links:

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