Vaccinations: Whether You Want Them or Not

The issue of vaccinations is certainly controversial.  My concern about them rises from the increasing evidence of harmful effects from them.   These deleterious effects are exposed in well-done scientific studies.  This is important because anecdotal reports are not considered to be legitimate.  (Tell that to a family whose child was normal until after their third bout of vaccinations, then the child developed autism, or epilepsy, or debilitating eczema.)

The government is proposing an even more aggressive vaccination protocol.  Please read about this at on the Alliance for Natural Health website.  It gives an excellent quick summary of the current state of affairs and of some of the scientific bases against vaccinations like Gardasil and others.

Forcing all children to have multiple vaccinations as are being proposed is my idea of an imprisoning government.  Each child is very different from every other child.  Some children are definitely harmed by vaccinations.  We need to have room for tolerance and for not forcing dangerous “treatments” onto people just because the “government” says so.  We know how corrupted some of these policies have become as influenced by the monetary power of the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry.

Let your representatives and senators know how you feel.

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