Holiday Special for Your Health

A number of people have told me recently how helpful the food screening has been for them.  I am referring to the electrodermal testing I perform in my office.  During that evaluation, I utilize software and hardware which is FDA-registered that allows me to screen non-invasively for allergies, infections, toxicities, and deficiencies.  Think of a lie-detector test, only you don’t get accused of a crime.  In this case, the equipment allows the tester and the client to tap into the client’s body’s intelligence and to ask it if these areas are issues for that individual.  No needles, no pain, real-time answers.

Some of the comments I have received are: “I have been wondering if that food disagreed with me and now I know.  How helpful this is”  or “Since I stopped eating the bananas, I no longer have my daily headache” or “I got through the winter without getting sick since I stopped drinking milk.”

The solution to someone’s symptoms may be as simple as avoiding a food.

In the spirit of the holidays, therefore, I am offering a special evaluation.  I will test 10 of the most common foods to which people are sensitive for only $50.00  This normally takes no longer than 15 minutes in my office.  The offer will expire the end of December, 2011.

Take advantage of this opportunity to address health issues in this safe way.  We look forward to seeing you.

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