Information about Electrical Issues in Your Home

After mentioning the topic of hidden toxins in our homes, I realized that I wanted to provide information about cleaning up unwanted electrical fields as well.

Many of my patients complain of and experience symptoms when they are too close to electrical appliances eg cell phones and wifi.  Lest you think this is limited to people who are severely ill, think otherwise.  I had one lady whose insomnia improved greatly when she moved her cordless phone away from her bedside table.  Many people who are “ok” tell me they can feel a buzz from their cell phone when it is on.  I suspect that people are becoming used to their symptoms from all the electrical exposure just as they have become accustomed to their symptoms from food and chemical sensitivities.

Smart meters are amongst the latest concern because of the number of complaints coming after their installation.  People who had been well are complaining of headaches, dizziness, lethargy, tinnitus to name a few of the symptoms.  In part this is because the smart meters are associated with “dirty electricity” in the home.  What is this?  Dirty electricity is the leakage of electric fields outside of the wiring and conduit in your home.  This can have major health effects on the inhabitants because our bodies are electrical, but at different frequencies from the electricity in our home.  Thus the nervous system and the heart – both very “electrical” systems – are especially sensitive.

My thanks to Oram Miller who specializes in these issues.  Oram has a wonderful website,, full of  information about this topic.

Best wishes for a fully healthy 2012.

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