Another problem from sitting at our computers for hours…

Studies are informing us that sitting too long in one position is hazardous for our circulatory health.  This seems to be true even for those of us who exercise and eat “right.”  Our bodies were not designed to sit hour after hour (I am amazed at how long I can spend staring at my computer monitor).  Healthy circulation requires movement.  Getting up frequently to move around is essential.  Our bodies were designed to be upright (standing in some form) or lying down.  Sitting is a relatively new invention and too much of it obstructs our circulation leading to all sorts of problems.  It leads to increased risk of cardiovascular mortality.

If you are not already familiar with this website, I highly recommend the Alliance for Natural Health which provides useful practical information as well as serving as one of our watchdogs in Washington, DC.

So, after you read this article, stand up and walk around for a few minutes.



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