Another source of toxins

Just when you thought you were being so good to avoid toxins in your environment and to reduce how many are getting into your system comes the information that phthalates are commonly used in the coatings on capsules and pills.  This valuable information is found on the website of the Natural News guy:

What is the matter with phthalates?  They are likely to be carcinogenic.  They affect sexual development in experimental animals.  They may even be associated with still births.  The CDC has confirmed that we have body burdens of phthalates.  And the burden might be greater in young children because of their tendency to put anything in their mouths and their custom of chewing on anything.   This is one instance where the precautionary principle should apply.  By that I mean we would be better off if we really tested all new chemicals for toxicity thoroughly before allowing them to be used where we can absorb them.

This is another good reason to do some form of detoxification regularly, eg every 6 months.  The degree of detoxification should vary according to your general level of health and energy.  For a quick overview about detoxification, please see my video  Consider consulting a knowledgeable health practitioner to support you through a more strenuous detoxification process.

Finally, even though we don’t commonly know what is in the products we eat and drink, continue to read labels.  Be aware as much as possible.  Educating ourselves is essential for good health for us and for our loved ones.



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