Is that chicken safe to eat?

When we eat chicken and other animal products, what are we really eating?  Chicken feathers are ground up to make “chicken meal” which is used in fertilizer and feed for other animals.  The analogy I take from this is if we were to take human hair and nails, grind them up, and use them as fertilizer for our food, or perhaps, as filler for our processed food.  That is a “yuck!!!” image for me.  It is too close to cannibalism for comfort.

To add insult to injury, there is a new study showing that prescription drugs and other chemicals can be found in chicken feathers. That means that prescription drugs and other chemicals are going to be found in the chicken meat as well.

What an animal is fed – whether food or supplements or medications – or injected with, ends up in its tissues.  When we eat meat from that animal, we also eat those foreign substances.  When we drink milk or eat cheese or ice cream from cows fed medications and pesticides, we imbibe those chemicals as well.

Is there any wonder so many people are becoming vegetarian when they learn how our food is grown?  If you do eat meats, this is an argument for eating only organically grown fowl that is truly free range and only pasture-raised animals not given antibiotics or hormones.  Additionally, your eggs should come from animals raised ethically under these careful conditions.  This is how our food has been grown through the millenia.  Only relatively recently has the push for profit combined with science and technology so horribly clouded our common sense and actions.

The internet, fortunately, is allowing us to be more aware of information we need to optimize our health.  Such education permits us to make smarter choices for our own well-being.

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