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Why Say “No” to Wifi

Many people, my employees included, have asked me why I do not want wifi in my home or in my office.  Dr. Magda Havas, who is a researcher at Trent University in Ontario, has created a very user-friendly video about … Continue reading

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Thanks but No Thanks to Our Vets?

First: thank you to all the men and women who have and who are committed to keeping our country safe by being a part of our military. The title of my blog refers to an editorial in today’s Los Angeles … Continue reading

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The Rape of the Organic Label

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Do you still have questions about vitamin D? Here is a good resource… Dr. John Cannell provides an excellent newsletter about vitamin D.  He is concerned about the worldwide state of vitamin D deficiency in the public.  Yes, it is worldwide.  The newsletter provides valuable tips about vitamin D as well as … Continue reading

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Think Eggs Are Not Good? Think Again A new study from Cornell University found that third trimester pregnant women who supplemented their diets with twice the recommended amount of choline per day delivered babies with lowered cortisol levels.  This means that the babies were able to … Continue reading

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GMO? Our Chance to Say NO! Twenty years ago, according to this article, the FDA denied us – the general public, otherwise known as consumers – the right to know if our food is genetically modified.  (I have given you a number of references in … Continue reading

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