Do you still have questions about vitamin D? Here is a good resource…

Dr. John Cannell provides an excellent newsletter about vitamin D.  He is concerned about the worldwide state of vitamin D deficiency in the public.  Yes, it is worldwide.  The newsletter provides valuable tips about vitamin D as well as access to the latest scientific studies about it.  For example, one of his latest postings discusses taking advantage of Memorial Day weekend to get sun exposure.  That really is the best source of vitamin D for us.  Not too much, just enough (as all those grandmothers used to say).    Sunscreens prevent our receiving the valuable sunlight that our bodies then convert into vitamin D.  There is some evidence now that the sunscreens also contribute to skin cancers, not prevent them.

So enjoy your brief exposed time in the sun, and then cover up afterwards for the rest of the day.

Have a wonderful  holiday  weekend.

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