The Rape of the Organic Label

“The Integrity of the Organic Label has Been Compromised”

This line is from one of Dr. Mercola’s latest newsletters:


It seems that businesses who are mostly interested in the “bottom line” rather than in providing ethical products to their customers are doing what they can to include non-organic and unhealthy chemicals in their so-called organic products.  The following comments from the article reveals what is being allowed as organic:

  • “Undisclosed synthetic ingredients, prohibited for use in organics (including the sugar alcohol mannitol, modified starch, glucose syrup solids, and “other” undisclosed ingredients)
  • Microencapsulation of the powder (possibly using nanotechnology), which are prohibited under organic laws
  • Use of volatile synthetic solvents, besides hexane (such as isopropyl alcohol)
  • Recombinant DNA techniques and other forms of genetic modification of organisms; mutagenesis; use of GMO corn as a fermentation medium
  • Heavily processed ingredients that are far from “natural””

Thank you to the Cornucopia  Institute for blowing the whistle on these practices.  They are doing further research into the shenanigans.  If I sound angry about this it is because I, like many of you, work very hard to keep myself healthy.  I also stress the importance of taking responsibility for your health with my patients.  It seems this is an example of the government giving (ie providing us with assistance in the labeling of non-toxic products) while others are undermining the work and taking away our resources in a selfish and non-caring way.  What can we do?

  1. Do not let this stop you from being careful about what you buy for food and cosmetic products.
  2. Let others know that paying attention to what we buy for ourselves can make a hugely beneficial difference in our health and the health of our family.
  3. Write your congress people!  Let them know that we do not approve of the adulteration of the organic label and that we want the original intent of the law to be carried out.  Let them know that you are keeping track of if they support this and how they vote.
  4. Let your health food stores know that you only want truly clean products.  Discuss with the managers the importance of their keeping track of what products are good.  Let them know what you learn.
  5. If you don’t already follow Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, I highly recommend it for the wealth of information he provides.

To your good health…

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