Thanks but No Thanks to Our Vets?

First: thank you to all the men and women who have and who are committed to keeping our country safe by being a part of our military.

The title of my blog refers to an editorial in today’s Los Angeles Times by Bobby Shriver about how, as a people and as a government, we have not followed through on our part of the deal with our vets.  Los Angeles is the “home” of more than 9000 homeless veterans.  This despite the fact that in West Los Angeles there is a very large Veterans Administration site with many shuttered buildings.

This site has special meaning for me.  I did my psychiatry residency there, at the Brentwood VA, in the mid 1970’s.  I owe a debt to the veterans and the nursing staff and the doctors who contributed to my training.  Yet, much to my dismay, when I was on the property less than a year ago, many of the buildings were boarded up.  Mr. Shriver describes that many attempts have been in vain to get the administration to utilize this wonderful resource for our veterans who desperately need our help.

In addition to Los Angeles, I wonder where else are our veterans being neglected?  Especially on Memorial Day, let us take advantage of our holiday rest to let our Congress people know we want the administration to do ALL that it can to care for the people who have given so much of their lives for our sakes.  Write your representatives and senators today to put pressure on and provide support for the VA and other appropriate segments of our government to ensure that such travesty does not continue.

To all our health…

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