Think Twice Before You Put That Corn In Your Mouth


Thank you to Dr. Mercola’s website for giving a good brief summary about the havoc Monsanto is creating in our agriculture.  Between GMO foods that have been shown to cause liver and kidney damage (Remember, over 70% of the corn and soy grown in this country is now genetically modified) and the damaging effects of RoundUp, Monsanto has become the poster child for all that is bad in human behavior: greed, gluttony, viscious violence and total disregard for others.

Why think twice?  Because that piece of corn, or the corn syrup from GMO corn, or the additives and preservatives made from that GMO corn, and the remnant of pesticide on it are undoubtedly contributing to the massive epidemics of ill health we are seeing in humans across the globe and could contribute to disease in your own body.

If staying healthy is a concern of yours and if you worry about the health of your loved ones, take action now.  1) Eat only organically or sustainably grown food as much as possible.  2) Discuss your concerns with the chefs of the restaurants you eat in and explain why you are limiting what you eat there.  3) Let your Congress people know of your dismay and upset at the patenting of seeds and at Monsanto’s actions.  4) Support the effort to label GMO foods (I think they should not be permitted under the precautionary principle until they are truly proven to be safe for all living creatures, animal and human.  5) Support the  Institute for Responsible Technology which is working to educate us about the dangers of GMO foods.  6) If you live in California, let your legislators know that we want any GMO foods to be labeled.

Thank you for your commitment to good health.  It affects all of us.

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