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I have tried to keep an even approach to vaccination, yet reading this article on is testing my tolerance level.  It is bad enough that people are not told that we are injecting pesticides, antibiotics, and animal material into little babies.  It is bad enough that I see clinically how irritated the immune system of these babies is after being injected with so much foreign material.  (By the way, adults show great irritation after flu vaccination.)  Now comes this report that is really damning.

Check out this link.  Note the graph.  This graph shows how the incidence of polio basically followed the amounts of DDT and organophosphate pesticides used in the early 1950’s in the US.  I am particularly intrigued by the statement on the graph that “…it is illegal for government to divulge pesticide production figures to the public.”

I have discussed the terribly damaging effects of pesticides on people and other animals in previous blog postings.  I have heard of studies done on animals suggesting that pesticide exposure makes the animals more vulnerable to infections.  Well, here we see that suggestion played out with humans.  And which humans?  Us!  We continue to be the guinea pigs for the use of chemicals.  That is, instead of sensibly testing chemicals for their effects on us before they are made available to the public – this is known as the precautionary principle – we get to demonstrate the dangerous effects of years of exposure to these chemicals.  If anyone wonders about this, just look at the epidemics of cancer and autism worldwide.

What does this mean for us? 1) Minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals by eating mostly organic foods and free range, organic meats.  Use non-toxic cleaning agents and skin care and cosmetic products.  2) If you are going to vaccinate your child, test to see how your child handles toxins first. (More on this in the future.)  Then, if ok, insist that your child receive only one vaccine at a time.  3) Educate yourself at the vaccine information sites such as this one and  4)Let your congress people know how you feel about government hiding critical information from us which keeps us from making informed decisions.

Thanks to the Natural News Guy for bringing up this information.

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