And you thought you had heard it all about vaccinations…

According to a couple of former Merck Pharaceuticals virologists, Merck has been defrauding the public and the government about its Mumps vaccine for years.  They falsified their testing procedures in order to get great effectiveness results, which apparently do not represent how effective the vaccine is really.  You can read this summary to find out all the ways they cheated.  Has the government gone after them, even though the government has been aware of this unethical behavior for years?  No.  A private clinic in Alabama is now suing the company.

What I find so reprehensible is this.  It is not that they stole millions of dollars from the public that could have been put to better use.  It is not that they committed repeated fraud in order to be the only provider of this vaccine and to corner the vaccine market.  It is that they have threatened the lives of millions of children by promising to protect them when they really had no interest in that at all!  I wonder if the high executives vaccinated their own children and grandchildren knowing what they were producing?

The moral of this story is that each individual must be responsible for our own health while supporting the general health of the public.  We are all one big community.  Illness that hits one group too easily affects others.  That is why we must demand honesty and compassion and insist that Congress and the government act ethically and appropriately.  I am tired of the number of people in government who take an hypocritical patriarchal role towards my health and the health of my loved ones.  We must educate ourselves and demand excellence.

To our health…

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