Food Terrorism in your Grocery Store

The threat to the survival of the human race from genetically modified foods (also known as GM foods)  was slammed home to me last night when I heard Mr. Jeffrey Smith from The Institute for Responsible Technology  speak about the issue.  Genetically modified foods are created by forcing genes from bacteria and viruses into the DNA of the food.  

Here is an analogy about what GM foods become.  It  would be like reading a book, eg “Harry Potter” and suddenly finding pages of “National Geographic” interspersed.  In addition, some of the pages would be upside down, and on other pages the wording and letters would be jumbled.  The result would be an incorrect or misleading or, at least, confusing version of the book.

Our DNA directs every aspect of how our body functions.  Our DNA writes our “book of life.”  (I thank Dr. Jeff Bland for that image.)   Imagine the potential mess that could result if its sequences and messages are jumbled just like that “Harry Potter” book described above.  This is what is happening in plants that are genetically modified. Food signals our body about how it should function.  When we eat products made from the plants, from the animals (milk, cheese) that eat those plants, and the meat from those animals, the consequence is that we take on these genetic changes in our own bodies.

Eighty percent of the corn and soy in this country are genetically modified.  It is estimated that over 70% of the foods in the average grocery store contain genetically modified foods.

What diseases and disruptions in our body  might be resulting from this introduction of GM foods in our diet?  While we don’t have studies on humans yet, animal studies reveal that the health risks from genetically modified foods include “infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system” as stated on the brochure from the Institute.   Doctors are finding that problems like food allergies and diarrhea that have persisted for decades can clear up in a few days when people entirely avoid genetically modified food.

All of us have the choice of avoiding genetically modified foods, at least in our homes, when we purchase non-GMO foods and products.

  • Go to for a free list of companies and products to avoid or that are safe.
  • Write your state and national representatives that you want the ability to choose for your self what kind of food you eat.  You want to be able to avoid food that could poison you and that could threaten your health and the health of your loved ones.
  • Look at to find books and videos written by Jeffrey Smith that explain this threat in more detail.
  • Tell your friends and family about the importance of avoiding genetically modified foods.
  • Ask your social or religious groups to have one of the speakers from The Institute educate your members.

California Alert

Those of us who reside in California have the opportunity to demand that genetically modified foods be labeled.  We can claim this right by voting yes for Proposition 37 in the November election.

Thank you for your concern and for your commitment to good health for yourself and for others now and for generations to come.

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